Digital Unicorn

Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / Electronica
MANIFESTO: A Biography by Digital Unicorn There was a time in the early 1980s when I believed my artistic being was soon to be expired. I returned to my apartment in what is now Lithuania, then the U.S.S.R., after a sublime performance in Oslo, Norway. What more could I ask than for a week of performances in front of captured crowds? This dream was short lived. Upon my return, my passport was suspended and I found myself stuck in Lithuania until 1990. My musical exposure was stunted by me and the government. I turned my artistic vision inwards and withdrew within myself. It was not until I moved to Montreal in late 1990 that my art again blossomed. I began my recherche de vision, one that would take me first to Montreal, then to New Orleans and finally to the southern California coast. Sometimes I dream of clouds, not as shapes, but as oracles of future movement. How can this be? They have not revealed themselves yet, but I believe it is fate. This manifests itself in the music I have made since 1990. There is a quality removed from itself, made transparent, then resynthesised with the former state to create a feeling not unlike a cloud-like oracle. I do not expect everyone to understand this. It will take time, much like erosion. This isn't about erosion however, it's about music and dance. The simple act of man and horse-man expressing the digital on stage. One can take our performance, break it into 65,792 discrete pieces, scatter it into the sky, form a cloud, then resynthysise the cloud into our shapes and see a performance exactly as they saw it previously (one can expect this performance June 2017). Many ask Digital Unicorn: why horse? Why not unicorn? I answer simply: unicorn is fantasy. It is far too easy and not worthwhile to include unicorn. It does not belong on stage rather it belong on canvas, decoupage, mural, clouds, etc. Leave it there. Do not allow it here. Allow it to reach a potential unlike one that stage performance allows. Mann and hoerse on stage is an experience, not a fantasy. You are here watching, breathing. You are here. It is a simple philosophy, but one that is very important to Digital Unicorn. I look very forward to more performances of Digital Unicorn. Digital Unicorn was many years in the making and the dreaming. Digital Unicorn encourages the dreaming for more than the making for as I have said: the dreaming of the clouds, encourages the making of the being.
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