Trans Am

BETHESDA, Maryland, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Funk / Metal / German pop
Trans Am met while playing in the legendary harDCore/ska collective
A few years later - and somewhat mistakenly - Trans Am was heard by a
Chicago-based vibraphone player named John McEntire.
The band agreed to record some songs with McEntire
which, when combined with a bunch of home recordings
and other sound experiments, made up Trans Am's first
release on Thrill Jockey Records.
Originally lumped in with post-rock - a guy-heavy/fun-light scene invented by music journalists in the 1990's - the band has gone through a series of reactionary moves like singing, drinking beer and burning things on stage. Live, the band also mangled Led Zeppelin repeatedly. The band has been ugly, then poppy, then psychedelic, then political, then merely refused to go away.
Look for Trans Am on tour - maybe somewhere near you.
Trans Am/ Thigh Mastersson
(split 7") S.K.A.M. 1996
Appears on You Can Always Get What You Want
Trans Am (s/t) Thrill Jockey 1996
Trans Am/Wingtip Sloat (split 12") 1996
Appears on You Can Always Get What You Want
Illegal Ass (12") Happy Go Lucky 1996
Appears on You Can Always Get What You Want
Surrender to the Night, Thrill Jockey 1997
The Surveillance, Thrill Jockey 1998
Futureworld, Thrill Jockey 1999
Who Do We Think You Are?
(cd/ep) Spunk! 1999
Australian Tour Promo CD
You Can Always Get What You Want, Thrill Jockey 2000
Collection of singles and bonus tracks
Red Line (double album) Thrill Jockey 2000
Trans Champs, Double Exposure, Thrill Jockey 2001
TA, Thrill Jockey 2002
Extremixxx, (remix cd/ep) Thrill Jockey 2002
Liberation, Thrill Jockey 2004
The Fucking Am, Gold, Drag City 2004
Sex Change, Thrill Jockey 2007
What Day Is it Tonight?, (limited double live LP w/DVD) Thrill Jockey 2009
Thing, Thrill Jockey 2010
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