New Orleans, US
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Ska / Punk / Hardcore
JOYSTICKS' SHORT BIO - written by : Duck!

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Much like the phoenix, joystick rose out of the ashes of the past. But instead of a phoenix we are more like flies, and instead of ashes it's more like a huge steaming pile of corn-filled shit. oh and by "the past" I mean we all came from a bunch of bands you've probably never heard of. (Detonate, Call For Fire)

Anyway somehow we all ended up in a magical place, where the beer never stops flowing, and the prostitues roam as freely as the giant sewer rats that chase after the tourists. No. It's not disney world (although they too have prostitutes and giant rats) This wonderful place is known as New Orleans.

We started practicing in March 2009, and I had a bunch of songs written already so it wasn't long before the band was on the ground rolling. Now what we were rolling I'm not going to say but trust me, it was some good shit. A little while later we started playing a few shows and eventually recorded our first full length album. It is now available online at and on iTunes.

In the summer of 2010 we released our second CD (a split with the lollies) and went on a US tour. Currently we are working on our third CD, and preparing for another tour this winter.

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