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In the winter of 2005 Steve Kenney and myself began Demons. Steve rescued his Pro One from New Orleans Katrina aftermath. The synthesizer was moldy, had a bad power cord and a horrible buzz (I broke it after our first gig). I played various homemade electronic devices, rewired radios, feedback, etc Later that week I bought a Pro One as well. Mine had no working keyboard and, of course, a horrible buzz (a grounding issue). What we found ourselves doing was not so much making music with the Pro One but rather just turning them on and listening to the synthesizer play itself. I recorded our sessions and we called it Demons. Our synthesizers are still some what broke.

- Nate Young 12/27/06


Demons evolved from a synthesizer duo into a Visual Music trio with the incorporation of video artist Alivia Zivich. Working under the name "Video Madness" she often used the music of Demons as soundtracks to her analog video experiments. Live performances as a group led to the redefining of Demons as Visual Music.

"According to the theory of synaesthesia, sensory perception of one kind can induce sensory experience of another; for example, an individual may “see” certain colors when hearing musical notes. In such instances, sight does not negate hearing, but rather the two senses interact to elicit a heightened state of consciousness. While many art forms can evoke sensorial overlap, music has been considered by many proponents of the theory as an exceptional source for this phenomenon."

- From "Visual Music" exhibition


Evocation (No Fun)

This duo from Detroit made the scariest damn noise album of 2007 with Evocation . Far from the typical free-for-all inanity that dominates the noise scene, Nate Young and Steve Kenney create sounds that are more in line with Carl Zittrer’s horror movie soundtracks, especially his haunting music for Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things . You know that really creepy electronic noise music that’s playing when the zombies come out of their graves? This is an entire album of it.

chuck foster

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