Curor Recordings

Brighton, UK
Media Production / Recording / Mixing
Experimental / Comedy / Psychedelic
February 2010: Curor's last ever release is available now:

Inca Ore / Tovah Olson / Smack Music 7 / Lexie Mountain 2x8" lathecut set. Artwork by Jonna Karanka (Kuupuu). £15.

Post and packing:

UK: £1.50

Europe: £2.50

USA, Japan, Australasia and the rest of the world: £3.50.

To get yours, go to paypal and make payment to

Back catalogue

From 1994-2000, and then from 2005-2009 Curor released the following cassettes, CD-Rs, vinyl and lathecut records:

CUR001 – The Go Men, Can You Hear All The Sounds? c60

CUR002 – Various, Fleet of Foot (aka My Papa’s Leg) c60

CUR004 – Stucco Monument, What is? c30

CUR005 – Button King, Chill c20

CUR006 – Pilote, Rotational Space c45

CUR007 – Stucco Monument, Crumbling Edifice c30

CUR008 – Garner, Off Our Bows c30

CUR009 – Lotech, Shortwaves c45

CUR010 – Kenny Process Team, Trav’lin’ Light c30

CUR011 – Small Things, We Fear Change c30

CUR012 – Various, Astigmatism in Both Eyes c30

CUR013 – Iain Paxon, Midland Hotel cass

CUR014 – Deepkiss (aka Deepkiss 720), Arse Decks Barry White w/ Sludgehammer c45

CU001/6 – Pilote, Testrach/Sapling 12”

CUR015/TG03 – McNorton 4/Lure-Luxx, split 8” lathecut

CUR026 – Maslow, Sand Blast Mouth/Near Me 7”

no number - For Harlow's Monkeys, s/t 3" CD-R

no number - Richard Kamerman - Prophethead CD-R

no number - Family Battle Snake, s/t CD-R

no number - The Mark, A History of Dance, 3x3"CD-R

no number - Jazzfinger, Winter's Shadow Between Two Worlds CD-R

no number - Owl Xounds, Gypsy Monks on Holiday c30

no number - Raised by Wolves, Tipping the Grinning Monkey CD-R

no number - Deepkiss 720, Assembled by. CD-R

no number - Venison Whirled, Deaf Spongue CD-R

no number - Towering Breaker, Purges CD-R

no number - Madame P, Spellbound CD-R

no number - Green Mist, Rolling King c30

no number - Various, A Ride Across the Skies on a Knife Dipped in Blood CD-R

no number - Villa Valley, Bedienungsanleitung CD-R

no number - Kylie Minoise, Mondo Luxurious Thrill Fest CD-R

no number - Chora / On Fire, split CD-R

no number - Liz Allbee / Sharon Cheslow / Weasel Walter, Plants That Kill CD-R

no number - Deepkiss 720, Arse Decks Barry White w/ Sludgehammer (reissue) c45

no number - Arachnid Arcade, Arachnid Arcade 2x3"CD-R

no number - Can't / Heather Leigh / Carly Ptak / Zaïmph - untitled 2x8" lathecut set

Some of these back catalogue items may still be available on enquiry.

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