Belgrade, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass / Breakbeat / Techno
Full Force / Sinuous / SoundKraft
Str8 From Belgrade, Serbia, using music trackers since 1995, producing since 1998. Heavily gone into dnb sound . in late 1998 Phase_. meets Toxic_. and CODEX was formed. Since then, we made millions of breakbeat, techno and of course DNB tracks and had large number of releases on lables such as 'corrosion', 'kosmoplovci', 'd3' & 'trigger' =). First CODEX album called ELEKTRODEMIA is released on cd in early 2004 for "beograund" lable. After that, CODEX formes KERNEL (sumthin like commercial dnb project with seven & wikluhsky mcs). KERNEL is waiting for their album release in near future. CODEX also signed a track called 'Incubation' for Soundkraft. In mid 2005 we signed a track called 'Conform' coproduced with Mayhem for Full Force recordings. we started 2006 with signing 'Ring' for Sinuous records. Djing since late 1999, we managed more then 600 gigs @ Belgrade with : Dieselboy, TeeBee, Squier, Ed Rush, Optical, RymeTyme, Raiden, Impulse, Mayhem, Pendulum, Grooverider, The Sect, D-Bridge BC, Vegas BC, Maldini BC, Fresh BC, Kemal, Verse, Black Sun Empire, Krust, LTJ Bukem, Chemical Brothers, Makoto, Marky, J Majik, Chris Su, Mindscape, Epsilon, Danny Wheeler, Reference, JFB, Specialist, Maximus, Shroombab, Sounds Of Infinity, Markoman. Last year we started CODEX PRESENTS serial. we had 15 CP parties where anyone dj-ing or producing dnb in ex-yugoslavia had a chance to present his work in Belgrade's major dnb club.Planning to stay involved in everything containing anything to do with dnb
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