nostraightanswer - Codex (Tenno Tunes Vol. 2 FIRST PLACE WINNER) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 25, 2017
"Becoming a Tenno wasn't my choice... neither was forgetting the past."
Music, lyrics, vocal: nostraightanswer
"Focus" Sample acquired from the Warframe Fansite kit:
Special Thanks: Digital Extremes (for hosting the contest!)

Instrumental (w/ Lotus):
I don't know if I'll ever release an instrumental without the Lotus's line? Considering I edited and chopped the hell out of it for the song itself.

Check the SoundCloud upload's description for lyrics:
UPDATE: "Codex" tied for first place in the contest! Thank you so much Digital Extremes, Warframe is great and I'm a proud and happy player!
The song I tied with, "Get Modded" by Aftalyfe, is here:

Here's a SoundCloud playlist with the other winning entries:

Original description below:
So, this is an entry for Digital Extreme's Warframe "Tenno Tunes Vol. 2" contest. If you don't play Warframe, don't worry too much about what it's about, I just hope you enjoy listening.

The initial idea behind the song comes from a sentiment I've seen from many players regarding the Lotus: even though she's guided us, she's also hid things from us. Potentially she's hiding other things from the Tenno, and no one really knows too much about her (it's only through circumstance that we come to find out snippets of her past).

This, however, evolved into a question regarding Tenno existence- maybe something answered within game, and maybe some lore slipped from my mind- but the question of the Tenno's past wound up becoming the focus of this song (haha focus, get it? ha wow). We know about some things, but not really how or why they were in the circumstances that caused them to become Tenno.

This song focuses on one potential Tenno (of which there could be many) post Second Dream quest, who is seeking the answers seemingly forgotten.
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