Christophe Panzani

paris, Fr
Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / Latin / Nu-Jazz
What's important in my "bio"? What i want to say about me? Something to interest people? . I was born, and i will die, ok. What's important is people I met, and people who helped (and still now!) me learning, people who inspired me, and people who trust in me. So, i just want to thanks all my "myspace" friends, because they are people I love to play (or work) with : Pierre Perchaud (he's the best!), Robin Verheyen, Ritary, Vladimir and Fayçal. or people who helped me to make my choices, showing themselves in their own hard and deep choices (hey Jasna!). or people who inspired me with their music, and i work and work and listen to it!! . or "just" people i met with music!
And I want to speak about other people, close people by heart and spirit (even if they're not (yet) on myspace!). and music: Thomas Faure, Guillaume Poncelet, Ousmane, Sacha (mr Sacha), Julien Régnier, Leticia Cuen, Bruno Shorp, Donald Regnier, Arnaud Renaville, Gaël Cadoux, Pierre-Alain Goualch, Beppe Calamosca, Dan Dumon, Andy Sheppard, Mickaël Cuvillon, Arco Iris, Tot'M. Try to get something on them, you will find great music and great people!!
And last, but not least (as we say). people I play with as a sideman, and i really like their music, and i'm so happy to play with them, and i'm so admirative in their force to go against everything to convince people with their music!! Maybe one day, i'll learn enough by them to try to do it. who knows?
So, go and try to know something about Carla Bley (and the all band!!!! "HORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"), Ernie Hammes Group, Genivan, Roland Brival, Mario Stantchev 6tet, Maria Tejada,
Olivier Calmel, Karl Januska 5tet, Nicolas Moreau 5tet.
I think it's a good thing to know about me. sorry if i forgot someone, i will be punished.
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