Catalepsy - Monolith - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 05, 2011
Track 2 off of the upcoming album 'BLEED'... out May 10th, 2011 through Eulogy Recordings

Nothing can stop me now
I am a machine that cannot be enslaved
It took you all to make me realize
We were designed for failure

Keeping myself alive, for what reason?
This mission serves no purpose

If only I could reach you
Maybe we could leave this place
But it's too late for refuge
In my own words, we're fucking cursed

I want to see it come undone at the seams
I want to fuel the decay of the human race
Open your eyes
Why is it so hard to see that we cannot save us from ourselves?

Are you getting my frequencies?
Are you hearing me?
My mind is slipping away
I can feel it
Theres only one way out

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