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PUBLISHED:  Nov 30, 2010
Wierd Compilation Volume II : Analogue Electronic Music 2008

Wierd Records is proud to present the Wierd Compilation Volume II : Analogue Electronic Music 2008, an international collection of 39 trax by 30 bands producing contemporary music with analogue synthesizers, sequencers, and drum machines. This release is made up of four vinyl LPs packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and accompanied by a 32 page 12" x 12" book containing lyrics, band bios, and over 300 photos, many taken from live performances at the weekly Wierd label party, which has been active in New York City since 2003. Also included in the booklet is a statement of purpose for this vast project entitled '2008 : The Analogue Synthesizer as a Folk Instrument of Humanist Resistance' that is as ambitious conceptually as it is musically.

Over the past several years, electronic musicians have slowly removed themselves from the visceral aspect of musical expression as they have more completely embraced the computer as the generator of contemporary sounds. It is in this climate that the Wierd Compilation Volume II proposes that analogue electronic music no longer represents a post-apocalyptic vision of an uncertain 'post-human' future as it once did at the inception of New Wave in the late 1970's. Today, the situation is precisely the opposite. In the world of 'click and drag' virtual software synths, the analogue instrument represents a new form of resistance by preserving and affirming the human presence of the artist through his direct interaction with the machines and the electricity that runs through them. In doing so, the supposedly outdated instrument is reborn as a folk instrument not unlike the acoustic guitar, violin, or hand drum.

Inspired by the seminal compilations of early industrial music such as Xtract Records' The Elephant Table Album and Three Minute Symphony, Third Mind Records' Life at the Top, and the Insane Music cassette series, the Wierd Compilation Volume II brings together independent artists from the new minimal electronic music scene emerging in New York, Miami, and all throughout continental Europe with the the firmly established Noise scene in the US. In the same spirit that these early genre-traversing compilations brought together both pop and experimental artists who were united by their resistance to the superficial excesses of commercial New Wave, the artists on this release are united by their DIY attitude and their resistance to the virtual excesses of modern laptop pop. All have found analogue synthesizers to be the ideal instrument for producing raw, emotive music in a world where the human touch and presence is quickly getting clicked and dragged into oblivion.

Track Listing:

1. Xeno and Oaklander - 'A Beginning'
2. Martial Canterel - 'Windscreen' [Clip]
3. Envenomist - 'A Vague Disquiet'
4. Staccato du Mal - 'Su Ultimo Secreto' [Clip]
5. Demons - 'Sick by Water' [Clip]

1. Spine Scavenger - 'Weighted Ghost 2'
2. Epee du Bois - 'Misery' [Clip]
3. Xeno and Oaklander - 'Blue Flower'
4. Angel of Decay -'Malignant Tumor of the Heart' [Clip]
5. Flesh Graey Display -'A Smoke Filled Room' [Clip]

1. Wave Tank - 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'
2. Hive Mind - 'Omission' [Clip]
3. Human Puppets -'Faces (Behind Walls and Closed Doors)' [Clip]
4. Waves - ':59'
5. A Squared - 'Soulfood'

1. Carlos Giffoni - 'There are Other Gates' [Clip]
2. Xeno and Oaklander - 'Celeste' [Clip]
3. Pax Titania - 'Cycles:13'
4. Audiodakt - 'Wahrheit'

1. The Siamese Pearl - 'Destroying the Prefrontal Cortex'
2. Vendome - 'Lightwave Emissions' [Clip]
3. Waves - ':10'
4. Sleep Museum - 'Nepal (Departure)' [Clip]
5. Charlie Draheim - 'Guts on the Dancefloor'
6. Private Entertainment - 'Serenade (For a Changed Heart)'

1. Martial Canterel - 'Pathway Splits Apart'
2. A Vague Disquiet - 'In Fives: Failure Edit' [Clip]
3. Angel of Decay - 'Cold White Beds'
4. Three to Forgotten' - 'Frostbite' [Clip]
5. Tobias Bernstrup - 'Enemies of the Earth'

1. Sleep Museum - 'We Who Are'
2. Opus Finis - 'Perplexed Pathos'
3. The Siamese Pearl - 'The Rape of Persephone'
4. Led er Est - 'Woman in a Cafe/Communication' [Clip]
5. Hive Mind - 'Templar'

1. Cadaver in Drag - 'Hair, Skin, and Teeth'
2. Epee du Bois - 'Jurieux in the Garden'
3. Ronin - 'For a Dead Lady'
4. Zug Im Veins - 'Je Suis un Autre' [Clip]
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