California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Psychedelic / Punk
high density headache, etc.

untitled 'monkey demo' CD-R (no label, 2004)

American Waste LP (High Density Headache, 2004)

Who Wants to Kill the President 7" (High Density Headache, 2005)

New Constitution CD-R (High Density Headache, 2005)

Very Professional cassette (High Density Headache, 2005)

Sea and Sea Music Factory compilation cassette (Not Not Fun, 2005)

Back to the Basics CD-R (High Density Headache, 2006)

Big Nurse + Realicide split/collab CD-R (Realicide Youth, 2006)

Stellar Nursery/Sniper At the Gates of Dawn double cassette (Gift of the War Magi, 2006)

The World Will End Yesterday 3-way split CD-R w/ La Otracina and Hat City Intuitive (Colour Sounds, 2006)

Peasant Goblet Vol. 4 compilation cassette (Human Conduct, 2006)

Temporarily Unavailable LP (High Density Headache, 2007)

Alive II: No Youth Movement Left cassette (High Density Headache, 2007)

The Sound of Justice compilation cassette (Nailbat Tapes, 2008)

Thirteen Thousand Milliseconds compilation CD-R (Ratskin Records, 2008)

Big Nurse/Zenrootin split cassette (Deathbomb Arc Tape Club, 2008)

Time Trip CD-R (High Density Headache, 2008)

Big Nurse/Social Junk tour only split 3" CD-R (Ranky Tanky, 2008)

Big Nurse/Social Junk- Live at Skylab split VHS (Ranky Tanky, 2008)

Human Conduct Detox Program compilation CD-R (Human Conduct, 2009)

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