Basic Vocal Recording and Mixing: Mixing with Audacity - VoxFX Ep. 2 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 27, 2015
This is for anyone who is new to vocal recording and wants to get started. I demonstrate how to process a vocal recording after it has been made, to improve its audio quality. Part 2 of my "Basic Vocal Recording and Mixing" mini-series.

If you have any questions, please ask away in the comments. If you would like to request a tutorial on a specific vocal effect or voice like sound, please send me a YouTube message.

Link to download Audacity:

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~~~ Gear I Use ~~~
My music software:
Cheaper version of my music software:
Main vocal mic:
Travel vocal mic:
Main audio interface:
Travel audio interface:
Mixing headphones:
Mic stand:
Pop filter:
12-ft XLR cable:
Studio reference monitors (with stands):
Power conditioner (mega surge protector):

I try to inform, inspire, and motivate fan creators to make their dreams a reality and create awesome audio. Tutorials, music, advice, and more, all with weird jokes and a funny little sprout on my head.

New videos uploaded on Thursdays.

For status updates, check out my Community Tab.

A bit about me: I'm an amateur mixing engineer, musician, and songwriter. I make all of my music myself, though I'm always up for a collaboration (message me if you're interested).
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