Anish Sood & Ramona Arena - Wanna Be Your Only Love (Official Music Video) - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 07, 2012
Here's an amazing new release on 925 Music! Based out of India, duo Anish Sood & Ramona Arena are responsible for this straight-up club hit titled "Wanna Be Your Only Love".

The video is featured exclusively on "Vh1 You Oughta Know"

Track is available at:


925 Music is also on Facebook:

Conceptualised and Directed by: A True Friend Assistant
Director: Ramona Arena
Director of Photography: Kota Shiva
Make Up and Hair: Ambereen Yusuf
Edited by: Akshay Mehta and Sebastian Narsing
Supervising Editor: Yusuf Khan
Production Co-­‐ordination: Ramona Arena
Special Appearances in the video: Shaan Singh, Aquin Paes, Sanjay Dutta, Kota Shiva, Shane Mendonsa, Eddie Cruzet, Vivek Komath, Shayan Munshi, Tuhin Mehta, Ritwik, Azra and Anil Chawla.

HUGE Thanks:
Steffen Kellner and Red Bull India for their support and sponsorship.
Shailendra Singh and Sunburn Festival Mumbai for the location and support. Hashim D'souza and Vh1 India for the continued love and support.
Miss Nine, Nick and 925 Music for believing in our music and supporting us. Praveen Achary, Rishabh Joshi and Snow Flakes for giving us such stellar remixes of our tune.
This video would not have been possible without the help of these friends to whom we are eternally grateful Thomas Eggli (for the musical inspiration), Rohit Barker (for getting it all started), Nikhil Chinapa, Hermit Sethi, Srikant Seshadri and team Submerge, Dhruv Jagasia, Shayan Munshi, Tuhin Mehta, Jay Chandran, Andalib, Razneesh Ghai, Henna Singh, Nitesh Nitesh, Yudishtir Urs, Shayamal Vallabhjee and all our dearest friends who made kind guest appearances in the video and last but never the least Mr. X -- the man that inspired the thought behind this song.

So much love to give:
Miss Nine, Gareth Emery, Matt Darey (Nocturnal 349), Sonny Wharton, Marc von Blumenkraft (Galvanize -- the Podcast), Zahra Khan -- Bombay Times, 94.3 FM India Radio One, Nawed Khan & Nikhil Chinapa -­‐In the Mix and Rohit Barker & Ivan Nilkon for featuring us on 91.9 FM -­‐Hot Mix.
A Huge shout out to Kaveh from Pleasurekraft -- thanks for the T-­‐shirt and being so fantastic!J

To all of our friends and fans all over -- thank you, thank you, thank you!! xx
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