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CHAIN REACTION live at the Echoplex 3/24/09



Some words on our 2009 release:

"If We Dare Win is ambitious and these days ambition is usually a recipe for disaster. But Amateurs ground their songs in images not concepts, and focused musicianship instead of indulgent show offery."

- Farwest Almanac

"If We Dare Win is the forthcoming EP from this L.A. five-piece that gives you a little twang, a little brass and plenty of hooks."


"Indeed, every song from the set sounded full, making even their most laid back rhythms feel confident and infectious. Listening to them, I was reminded of the best parts of 70s rock. “Groove” is a word I try to avoid, but I think it’s apt here. With touches of indie rock-guitar and bright, trumpeted melodies, their sound — and show — is definitely worth your time."


"Amateurs' new vinyl EP If We Dare Win is superfuckingrad."


"A wide swath of catchy instrumentation, soaring choruses, and plenty of rhythmic breakouts."



Some words on our 2007 release:

".Amateurs have created a strong debut LP filled with ’70s a.m. radio melodies mixed with warm, organic arrangements that add depth to their sprawling, laid back material.With a debut LP this strong, I don’t expect to see them unsigned for much longer."


"…adventurous, immediately affecting, and unpredictable."


"L.A. quartet Amateurs can’t quite decide what they want to be, except good. Their first album nods to classic rock, folky ’70s radio fare, modern indie titans and maybe even prog rock band or two, if they used strings. Whether you hear a lot of Wilco or a little Fleetwood Mac, Fairport Convention or the Band, it’s the emotional range that makes Amateurs’ an impressive debut."

- LA Times

"Amateurs deliver the goods on Speak Easy, their debut album." 4 out of 5 stars


"[Speak Easy] is timeless and well-crafted and not exactly easy to define, but definitely belongs in your record collection."

- Ground Control Magazine

“There’s a decidedly rural element to the recordings on the band’s first full-length release… as evidenced by the copious use of violin and viola to create a sound reminiscent of old time country and western music… Notes are bent and stretched, rooting the music in the blues… It’s a winning mix of styles, making Speak Easy a compelling listen from beginning to end.”

- West Coast Performer Magazine

Amateurs circa 2007:
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