One Trick Pony

Los Angeles, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Folk Rock / Experimental
One Trick Pony - 'Phonebook'



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"So as far as I am concerned, the night belonged to the folk-crooning One Trick Pony.Randolph Williams III ("Randy" to those who know him) has the silkiest, most soothing voice in town and it is a complete mystery to this writer why some major label hasn't scooped him up and planted a One Trick Pony flag on the KCRW moon. At one point Williams was so immersed in singing his own words that I felt myself physically moved on the inside." - Classical Geek Theatre

"Quite possibly the most accurate album title of the year—this is an album brimming with life as it skips from one gorgeous example of everything right with indie folk after another. Seriously, if you can find a prettier song than "Phonebook" being performed in a local L.A. music club, I don't want to hear it—this record breaks my heart enough on a weekly basis as it is." - Travis Wood (Web In Front) "The Best Music of 2009 (Part 1)"

"Their new album is called "Full of Life" and it's wonderful. The songs are airy and infectious, with moody undertones and a complexity that belies the sparse and open landscape they describe and create." - Mark Givens (MungBeing Mag)

"…makers of the prettiest song I've heard…" - Radio Free Silver Lake

"[Phantom Pains is] impeccably arranged and at times imbued with a stark and irresistible beauty (the bowl-you-over-gorgeous "City Heart")" - Tiny Mix Tapes

"…ranging from deep and powerful up-tempo melodies to a haunting falsetto that makes you wonder if the ghost of Jeff Buckley is lurking somewhere in the corner of the room." - Loose Record

"Randolph Williams truly carried the set with his hypnotic and complicated guitar rhythms and soaring vocals…" - Performer Magazine
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