The Price of Existence - All Shall Perish (Full Album) - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 09, 2015
This album hasn't been put on Youtube so I decided to.

1. Eradication 0:00
2. Wage Slaves 3:54
3. The Day of Justice 7:36
4. There Is No Business to Be Done on a Dead Planet 11:08
5. Better Living Through Catastrophe 14:09
6. Prisoner of War 19:08
7. Greyson 23:51
8. We Hold These Truths 26:04
9. The True Beast (No Timestamp)
10. Promises 33:22
11. The Last Relapse 36:24

Sorry about True Beast being missing. I would get a copyright strike if I kept the song in the video.

"These songs don't belong to me. They belong to All Shall Perish and Nuclear Blast Records. Please support the official release."
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