Word On The Streets: Alfamega Responds To T.I's Dj Envy Interview Part 2 UNCUT - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 01, 2010
Video release Summer of 2010.
Video is 10 minutes.

“Understand that this video is uncut, Alfamega is responding to Tips interview, & the comments he made in regards to him. Tip’s claims of his anti-association of “snitching” (he has a seal indictment). Alfa states in a separate video that he lied on the person. He did not know him. He was loyal to someone whom told him to do so. That person provided him the info. He was used as a pawn to take a player out of the game, temporarily, for anothers rise. Instead of ending the persons life. Same, In a gang, you have the top person, direct you to do a task, task can consist of several things. Are You going to go against it? Or what. Its the same. Bitches lie on to get a man locked up aint no difference. & When you’re in court, “Uh Huh” is not an acceptable response. Its either “Yes” or “No”. Don’t forget Alfamega 1st solo single was “Uh Huh”. But than again , Y’all don’t know what’s real or not. “ Alfa showed loyalty on a video where he is asking people isn’t tip from bankhead.. they said yes on behalf of Alfa. When tip isn’t from Bankhead, Alfa did that to “vouch” tips street cred & discredit Shawty Lo’s claim.

Jay dropped Beanie
Jeezy dropped Bloodraw
Just a couple from many whom dropped their close players
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