Television '74 - I'm Gonna Find You, rare (unreleased) song +lyrics - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 28, 2011
From a 1974 rehearsal when Richard Hell was in the band.

Check out this other equally fine, early, rare Television recording, also from '74, "Horizontal Ascension":
Some (e.g. me) think "Horizontal Ascension" surpasses "I'm Gonna Find You."

There are worthwhile early Television songs recorded that Richard Hell co-wrote & sings. It's too bad every time I try uploading any of them, they get spiked by a copyright infringement claim by "Richard Meyers" (Hell's real name). Bloody Hell!
A bootleg called "Poor Circulation" contains many of these early, unreleased Television songs, including "I'm Gonna Find You," and including Hell-sung songs. It's available as a direct download in FLAC format here:
Another worthwhile early Television boot is a Cleveland show from 1975-07-25 in FLAC
downloadable here:
I've uploaded to YT the song "Breakin' In My Heart" from the show.

Jan. 2012 Update: For those interested in old/rare Television/Tom V. articles, here's a link to a file I uploaded of scans of approx. 60 articles/interviews (most contain interview content):
I collected them between 1978 & 1990, & the articles date from '74 to '90. The Wonder fan site has an excellent articles collection (mostly text files), but many of my articles aren't yet available there. I finally got around to digitizing mine & making them available to other fans to download. Also, here's a link to a file of scans of my copy of book "The Night", a poetry book(let) by Tom Verlaine & Patti Smith, published 1976:

A photographer, "Nicky L." ( Nicky Lazzoni) , who took some of the vintage 1970s photos used in this slideshow (they're all found in the frame that's a collage of many photos assembled together of CBGB, & CBGB bands) identified himself in comments. I think he'd like me to pass along a link to his website:
where you can view all his fine photos which he sells collectible limited editions of through his site.

Thanks again to the You Tuber Television fan who kindly transcribed these lyrics & supplied results to me. I pass them along here:

I'M GONNA FIND YOU (lyrics transcription)
Sometime I see you
with your shiny, dirty, black hair
and your clothes, your clothes, they just don't make no more
Well, it was, it was, hard to look at you
But it was quite clear
But how do I explain it
I say...? (can't make out)
But you know it's kinda like Romeo and Juliet
Well, you went away off somewhere
You went away somewhere
But, I'm a gonna tell ya
But, I'm a gonna tell ya
But, I'm a gonna tell you
I saved so much up to make this trip
You just turn out and give me the slip
I'm gonna check out of your little bathhouse
check....? (can't make out)
I've believe I gotta go to Paris (I think he starts naming different places in this section, but the guitars kinda drown out what he's saying)
Baby...go to downtown..? the poor house
I gotta go down to the future
I gotta check outta the past
I gotta break through to a new dimension
I gotta.....?
I gotta.....?
I gotta go to Mississippi and New Orleans (sounds like, not sure)
I'm a gonna find you
I'm a gonna find you
Say, I'm a gonna find you
Some sweet day
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