Tori Mason

Nashville, Tennessee, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Americana / Acoustic / Folk
Nashville singer/songwriter transplant (aren't we all???) originally from Kansas, been here since July 1995, and still love it. Started singing in church choir while in grade school. Picked up the guitar in junior highbought the neighbor's garage sale guitar for $5, and a "John Denver Made Easy" songbook and taught myself how to play. Folks figured I was serious, bought me a nice classical guitar for my 16th birthday, and lessons. Started seriously writing after the death of a friend in 1992good therapy, don't we all know. Joined a local band, Rocky J and the Runarounds, and sang backup as well as occassionally playing some original tunes, and honed my writing skills (still honing). Took the plunge to Nashville. Currently have a great job, great friends, and always have the chance to hear great music If you're bored here, it's your own dang fault!
Outdoors-y kind of galmountains, ocean, doesn't matter as long as it out! Inside is too stiflingenergy, creativity, air, it all gets too compressed and stale inside. I'm much more productive, and happier, if I can be out in the sun and the wind and even the rain (but not lightning!). The Great Smoky Mountains is my "happy" place.I've solved many a problem and written a few songs while on a good long hike. Favorite tshirt seen in Gatlinburg: "When the going gets tough, the tough go hiking!" :) Hope to keep doing the songwriting thing a while longer, hitting the writers nights a couple times a month, and maybe even recording an independent cd soon. But mostly, I just want to enjoy this journey called life. Life is way too short to waste, so hang on and enjoy the ride!
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