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At age 27, standing 6’6” tall you would think, Stubb-a-lean, or “Stubb” was an NBA basketball player or at least on his way to the league. However, Stubb is the hottest new artist to hit the Texas music scene alongside his affiliates, the Stoney Crook Family and Rich Mind Records. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Stubb-A-Lean, grew up in a small complex named Shiloh Village. As a kid running around the projects of the East side of Dallas, listening to Master P, the Screwed Up Click, Young Bleed, and other southern acts, Stubb had aspirations of playing basketball and did so when he attended Bryan Adams High School. He eventually would transfer to South Garland where, he would finish his high school basketball career. Things went well, and Stubb went on to play college ball, where life would take a twist for him. His love for the streets naturally led to a bit of trouble with the law, and his basketball career began to take a backseat. After many ups & downs, trials & tribulations, and a botched scholarship, basketball would eventually play itself out and become non-existent. During these times, “drank” or lean was thriving and Stubb earned the name Stubb-A-Lean, for his love of it. Most times you could catch him with a cup in his hand; you may have even thought it was permanently attached if you knew him well.
One day while he was sitting around his camp, Stubb-A-Lean, and friends, MD, Doughski G, and Nick Nitty, came up with a jam that Nitty presented to Crawl 2 Ball Records. The song was a hit and this launched the start of a progressive career in music that Stubb-A-Lean did not foresee. Always having ties to the industry, he, began to go on the road and tour with Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci, North Dallas, rap legends that have experienced all aspects of the vicious rap game. He became more involved with music, and began to lay verses that blew his cohorts away. With his deep voice, low tone, and slow way of speaking, he was perfect for the tracks that they were producing. A marriage between beats, and true life verses was formed and Stubb-A-lean the artist evolved. Being featured on tracks with Mr. Lucci, J Juice, and Kottonmouth, Stubb-A-Lean says, “People just kept asking for more.” Describing his style as “Spit it How I Live,” Stubbs, does just that on tracks like, “Mo money Mo Problems” featuring Lucci and Hot Rod. Amongst his camp each individual brings an innovative style of rap to the label, which catches your ear quite nicely. New tracks such as “I like it A lot” feature the different styles of Doughski G, Kottonmouth, and JB of Rich Mind Records.
The road certainly hasn’t been easy, and Dallas hasn’t been the easiest market to break into, though it’s changing, and Stubb-A-Leans’ fan base is steadily growing. With the break of Dallas’ DSR and the unity between different artists in other neighborhoods, the deejay’s efforts to support its own, and the increased awareness of Dallas’s talent, Stubb and the Stoney Crook family, have quickly gained notoriety for hot tracks amongst the industry. For Stubb-A-Lean this has been something he never dreamed of that he grows to love more and more. With rap opening new doors for him and bringing new travels, Stubb-A-Lean is grateful for the experience.
His current work in progress is Stubb a Lean, “The Codeine Fiend,” while the team’s main focus is on Mr.Lucci’s album coming out in March. Other up & coming projects include “Str8 2 tha Top” from Nick Nitty, a mixtape by Rapid Rick, projects from Mr. Montis, and other Stoney Crook artists, as well as, Mr. Pookie’s album, “Return of the Rippla,” with production from Royalty Sound, along with Cyberwerks. With hopes of securing a deal in the future, Stubb-A-Lean has his mind set on grinding in this game and making more music, in 2007. Grabbing the attention of many, Stubb-A-Lean says, for him and the Stoney Crook Family, “It’s our time to shine.”

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