W.A. Mozart - Fantasia K397 for classical guitar - Video
Classical guitar arrangement by Stefan Wester.

The music score is available on Bergmann Editions.


The Fantasia was composed in 1782, right after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart moved to Vienna. Mozart got the message that he was dissmissed from his position at the Salzburg court. He chose to move to Vienna, where he were offered great opportunities, but also a less secure finantial situation. He lived there until his death in 1791. Even though the Fantasia is considered a master piece, it was left unfinished by Mozart at the time of his death. The version that was published in 1804 did not have a proper ending. The second edition from 1806 has a new ending with 10 measures added, supposedly, by August Ebenhard Müller. This is the version that most pianists have been playing for more than 200 years, although some musicologists and musicians have disputed the way Müller ended the piece. The ending seem too abrupt. In this edition I added my own ending of the piece, returning to the two opening themes of the piece.
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