Ramoones (Ramones Tribute)

NEW YORK, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Rock / Classic Rock
NYC Ramones Tribute Band
The Ramoones would like to officially welcome our Newest Member to our growing family - Drummer, Rickey Ramoone ! You can also catch Rickey drumming with The Baghdaddios, Flower of Sin, and Johnny & the Alimonies.

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Over three decades ago a band was formed that would forever change the course of music, that band was. The Ramones. Fronted by lead singer Joey, Backed by Johnny on Guitar, Dee Dee on Bass , and Tommy on Drums they created a hard driving unique original sound whose influences can still be felt today. The Ramones popularity is world-wide, more popular today than ever. Unfortunately the group parted ways: Joey , Dee Dee and most recently Johnny, 3 of the 4 original members have passed, leaving a void of dedicated fans and new fans to entertain.

Today, The Ramoones - The Tribute To The Ramones are filling that void. Devoted to replicating not only the sound but also the look and feel, audiences are taken back through time for the complete Ramones experience. No detail has been overlooked. From those leather jackets and torn Jeans, hair, and stage props, to every last note and line, The Ramoones, exclude nothing.

Hailing from the New York City Area, The Ramoones present a complete tribute to not just Joey Ramone, but to the entire band. The other Ramones, Marky, Johnny, and Dee Dee, Tommy, CJ , Ritchie, & Elvis are also fully represented.

The Ramoones bring back the intensity and energy with an ever-changing set list. Included are hits from the Ramones first fourteen albums, classics like "Rockaway Beach", "I Wanna Be Sedated", "Rock and Roll High School", and "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" as well as numerous "B-Side" songs to satisfy even the most particular Ramones fan.

Since 2002, as The Ramoones the four members have entertained audiences, onlookers, and fans of Ramones & punk music. The Ramoones combine the veteran on stage talents of Mikey, Billy, Rickey,and Freshy. Together we're the most unforgettable Ramones Tribute Band.

Billy RamooneBass.as Dee Dee (& C.J.)
Freshy RamooneGuitaras Johnny
Rickey Ramoone.Drumsas Marky (& Tommy)
Mikey (Doughy) RamooneVocalsas Joey

The Ramoones - The Tribute to The Ramones are a MUST-SEE for not only original Ramones fans who want to recapture the feel of actually being there, but also for new fans who want to get a taste of what it was like.
We're the Ramones Tribute that plays it LOUD, HARD, AND FASTWe ain't Ramones 'Light'!


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