Path of Sin

Linz, Oberösterreich, AT
Artist / Band / Musician
Death Metal / Metal / Hardcore
Home - Recorded
Path of Sin was founded in the late winter of the year 2005.
Since the band's existence they practise frequently and hard, what you can hear in their songs, or even better, in their live performances.

In 2007, Felix Gal - successor of Joe Fellner - brought a new wind to the sound of Path of Sin.

However, since January 2008, Ilija Draguljic is our new singer, who
will improve our sound with his voice to a new extent!

We make music because of the love we feel for it, not because of a new trend that tells us to follow and do what the scene tells us to do. We don't give a fuck what your hair looks like, we don't give a fuck about your clothes, we don't give a fuck about anything concerning a look / style of somebody as long as it's his / her own. (for our part that means Cap, Long Hair, Sidecut.)

Sometimes people lose their connection with reality and start doing things that they'd never do if "the guy from that band" wouldn't do it. That's a poor thing we think, so we try to express our own music-style the way we want it (and that means we don't give a fuck again). Enough said now, Listen to music because of the love you have left for it, not because of a trend!

cheers, Path of Sin

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