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Throgsneck, US
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It was all a dream... at least that’s how it all started for Hot Bloc Entertainment. In 1994 the dream started to become a reality.

Before the entertainment company became Hot Bloc, it started out as a rap group named "Out OF Order" featuring D.J. Storm and Rah–Nyse a.k.a. N.Y.S.E. (Now You’ve Seen Everything – a man who can rap, produce and D.J.) "Out OF Order" soon signed a deal with Freeze Records formerly known as Sleeping Bag Records.  Sales figures were low, but there was significant air play in New York and Japan. Shortly after the first single was released, N.Y.S.E. brought his childhood friend Curt Rukus into the group, creating the "Out OF Order" trio. More members were adopted into the group in 1995 and "Outta OF Order" soon became S.I.C. Entertainment- Sex, Income and Crime! (now that’s entertainment!!!)

The members of S.I.C. were mainly from the same hood in the Bronx. Each member was lyrically adept with his own style, but still something was missing. With so many talented individuals within the team, there needed to be a distinction between the emcees and the producers. At that point Hot Bloc Productions came into existence.

The name Hot Bloc was chosen because its members were all from the streets where the majority focused on “the hustle.” As a team, Hot Bloc and S.I.C. achieved new heights of notoriety. Performing throughout the local community and surrounding areas, the team was beginning to see the “lime.”

The members of S.I.C. eventually went their separate ways. Hot Bloc also lost members through the years, but the founding members continued to “push the envelope” by keeping the dream of production alive with many measurable results!!!

In 1999, Hot Bloc sold one of their tracks to rapper and producer Derek “D. Dot” Angelettie. “D.Dot vs. T.M.R.” became the first single off the Tell Them Why You Madd album. Hot Bloc was later signed to Diddy’s production company where they worked alongside his other successful producers known as The Hit Men, including Mario Winans, D. Dot, Harve Pierre and Diddy himself.

Hot Bloc also has produced tracks for artists such as G-Dep, Naughty by Nature, as well as up and coming artists for various independent labels.

Today, Hot Bloc is much more than just a production team. It now includes a full-service management arm for artists and producers headed by longtime honorary member and now official partner Kevinaire, who helped spearhead another independent record company. He sees management as a way to develop an artist to the fullest and generate long-term wealth, not just getting them a check.

Hot Bloc has now transformed itself into a privately-owned entertainment company. It eventually will have a hand in any and all facets of the entertainment industry. As the struggle continues look out…’cause here comes the BLOC!!!
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