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Seit dem Erscheinen der beiden Alben "Fotos" und "Nach dem Goldrausch" bei der ehemaligen Plattenfirma Labels/Mute, spielten die Hamburger Fotos 300 Konzerte in 13 Ländern, unter anderem in England, Frankreich, Mexiko und China. 2009 nahm sich die Band eine Auszeit, um zur Ruhe zu kommen und an ihrem dritten Werk zu schreiben.

Anfang 2010 begannen Thomas Hessler, Deniz Erarslan, Friedrich Weiss und Benedikt Schnermann mit den Aufnahmen für das neue Album mit Produzent Olaf Opal in Hamburg und Bochum.
Im April dieses Jahres werden Sänger Thomas und Gitarrist Deniz einige Akustikshows in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz spielen. Dabei werden sie im kleinen Rahmen auch Material des neuen Albums “Porzellan” vorstellen, das im Spätsommer 2010 erscheinen wird. In voller Besetzung wird die Band auf diversen Sommerfestivals zu sehen sein, eine Clubtour ist für Oktober geplant.


Fotos get together in Hamburg in August 2005 and things start to move pretty fast. 5 months after their formation they record their first album and as soon as their recordings circulate among the German music scene they quickly raise heads and eyebrows. Every record company worth speaking of court the band and in May 2006 fotos sign on the dotted line with Labels/Mute. About this time at the Immergut Festival Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene happens to see what is only the band’s 10th concert ever. During BSS’s headlining show he warmly recommends fotos to a surprised audience. “I don’t understand a word of German, but I absolutely felt the energy of this band.”
When you listen to fotos' self-titled debut album (2006) you get Drew’s point immediately. Somewhere in between singing and shouting Tom Hessler, the band’s singer, guitarist and songwriter, makes clear that he won’t wait for people to listen to him. He makes them listen. In this plan he is united with his three co-conspirators Deniz (git), Beppo (dr), and Frieder (bass). Using the basic instruments of a rock band, together they carve out a jagged, noisy framework for Hessler’s electronica-inspired songs without ever giving in to rock clichés.
On their second album "Nach dem Goldrausch" (After the Goldrush) released in 2008, the band further explore the realms of electronic music. Less distorted signals and more focussed beats make way for the sparse use of synthesizers. These new elements have proven fotos to be a band open for stylistic experiments and refusing musical stagnation.
Since the release of their first album fotos have played over 300 concerts in twelve countries and gained a reputation for being one of Germany's top live acts. They are currently writing songs for their third studio album and therefore reduced their live activities in 2009 playing only two short tours in Mexico, China, Armenia and a handful of shows in Germany. After Labels/Mute Berlin got closed by EMI due to economies in cost Fotos are labelfree and independent and plan to release their third album "Porzellan", which has been recorded with producer Olaf Opal in late summer 2010.

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