Acid Tongue

Newport, Wales, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Industrial / Metal / Gothic
Formed in South Wales in 1995, Acid Tongue is a hard edged protest against the evils of this world. An anthology of emotions inspired by the cruelties of life.

By not conforming to the constraints of traditional music Acid Tongue deliver an intense sensory assault expressed in a passionately aggressive and extraordinary creative fashion. By fusing elements of musical genres such as Metal, Industrial and Techno, Acid Tongue create disturbing yet moving soundscapes that reflect the world around them. Each band member confronts and exorcises their own personal demons through the music they craft and the presence they project when performing on stage. Unlike many of their contemparies they have managed to stake out their own territory within this peer group.

Acid Tongue released 4 demos taking them into the millennium. The new era caused a few line up changes and various NHS induced hiatuses, culminating in the band’s present and most effective line up who have now completed their first full length album titled “Antidotes For Love” and are poised ready to unleash their unique brand of brutality unto the awaiting hordes of extreme music fans…

Discography :

1996 – MAN : Child From Hell
1997 – NEUK
1997 – Brittle Machine
1999 – Skin
2007 – Out Of My Hell
2008 – Brutalised
2010 – Antidotes For Love

What the Press say :

“If anger is power, then Acid Tongue has enough to power a town” –

“Usually bands of this genre couldn’t work a tune if their lives depended on it. But Acid Tongue seem to have a better grip on reality than most of their contemporaries. Offering up some extreme yet easily accessible Fear Factory-ish ditties. Well ‘ard stuff!” – Metal Hammer Magazine, June 1997

“It’s the struggle of life and the battle against the outside world that makes the work of Acid Tongue so compelling” –

“As infectious as a dose of the clap” – Intoxicated Magazine 9

“These guys tend to look on the negative side of life, but hammer home their opinions through intelligent lyrics and extremely aggressive music – not for the easily disturbed” – Distorted Silence Fanzine 2

“Acid Tongue’s metal riffage has a range of dance styles moulded onto it’s underside – for example, when a a guitar solo starts maybe a drum and bass rhythm does as well. You can find elements of Gabba, Thrash, Drum and Bass, Goth, Pop, Darkwave as well as Industrial on Acid Tongue’s fine CD – Skin” – Mono, South Wales Argus, Guide To going Out, 3rd March 2000
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