Zoi Zoi

Toronto, CA
Artist / Band / Musician
"Zoï Zoï (pronounced "Zoy Zoy") ca met de la joie dans ma tete et le coeur en fete"

Zoi Zoi pics from past parties!

*photos by Gloria Hong, Sofi Papamarko, Garry, Kevin Sukho Lee*

Musique pour les pieds et la danse! Vive la difference! Join us every month for a Francolicious dance floor mayhem! DJs Mimi la twisteuse and Soju, choo choo choo choo!

For more samples of what we play, listen to Mimi la twisteuse's guest spot on WFMU!

*We highly recommend alcoholic consumption and uninhibited flirtatious behaviour for the full Zoï Zoï dance floor experience*

Please check our Myspace profile and bulletins regularly for more updates!

Contact (tac tac tac.): mimilatwisteuse@zoizoi.com

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