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***Any body Need A copy of 2nd time Scrap contact me all the info is on the cd Holla***

Brooklyn has birthed some of the most successful and influental people

in the entire entertainment industry and one more has already gained

international acclaim.

Meet Scrap/ Young Scrap

Born in England 20 years ago, raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY.

Barnaby Collins had aspirations of going to college to play D-1

Basketball, but those plans were altered one night. "I realized that

through my music I can reach millions and That alone was the deciding

factor." Scrap stated.

Starting with a next to nothing budget, Scrap was forced into hustling

his way into the recording studio. One night in particular, Scrap walked

out of his house with his last $20.00. Needing 3 hours to finish some

songs, Scrap walks to a near by celo game and puts down his $20. After

head cracking dudes for the next 30 minutes, Scrap takes his newly won

$200 and gets on the train to head to his session.

It was'nt long after sneaking into Underworld Studio in Brooklyn, that

many witnessed his gift. Scrap quickly become a street favorite with his

rhapsody voice and ability to push peoples buttons with his lyrical

content. In 'Dead Beat Dad', he addresses the lack of a father in his

home, but on 'Shinny Days' addresses the issue that tomorrow offers a

fresh start. "Its insane that grown men can rap all day about diamonds

on their neck, but neglect their children," Scrap stated. "That's not

keeping it real. Real is chinese food for dinner cause there are no

options, confused and battered women, but in the end we must find time

to smile."

Beats were quickly provided and soon after, the media took notice. "He

has that energy that reminds you of a young Ja Rule. But a lyrical

content of a real polished artist like Saigon", stated Magazine writer

Riker. "When he spits you can actually feel his words" states Kechi O.

of X/O Promotions (Miami). "He can be considered underground, but his

content is radio friendly", stated Blackmens and Juice Magazine writer

Greg Figueroa.

After releasing a collaborated CD with some fellow rappers in Brooklyn,

It was now time to really venture out. That same drive has helped Scrap

gain attention abroad, "He is now my other favorite rapper", stated Ammo

of Rap US Magazine (France). With the French endorsement, French

Producer, Chi provided the beats and Scrap released "Shinny Days" on the

Maino and Tru Life hosted 'The Drama Setter', which is Frances largest

distributed Mix Tape.

Finding his motivation from watching his mother hustle to keep a roof

over his head and food on the table, Scrap knew that if she can succeed

so can he. Learning from the likes of fellow Brooklyn artist Jay Z,

Fabolous, Saigon and Foxxy Brown. Scrap understood that delivery is oh

so imporatnt and worked on perfecting his delivery and flow.

Britian Birthed him, Brooklyn Raised him and now the streets await a new

Prince from Brooklyn.

-The One And Only

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