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MATT BREWER - Lead Guitar



"YEARS OF FIRE are the future of extreme music. The band's metal assault is tempered by nothing. Guitars rip with serial killer proficiency and the vocals bludgeon like a ten ton hammer. Their music represents the evolution of extreme metal through a combination of double bass murder and razor sharp hooks."

- Ruin Magazine

Founded in spring 2005 by guitarist Jason Hager [formerly of Chimaira, Ferret Records], YEARS OF FIRE launched a crusade to spread the fury and drive metal in a new direction. Soon after the band's inception, YEARS OF FIRE signed with Thorp Records and were gaining momentum until the label filed for bankruptcy and left the band at a standstill. Relentless in their cause, the band forged onward, playing shows and looking for the right vehicle to push their record. Other opportunities sprang forward .

"Our goal is to make straight-up brutal music that kicks the metal scene in the ass," affirms Jason Hager. "And show everyone that metal isn't about fashion. it's about aggression and attitude." That mission statement, combined with inimitable will and dedication to adrenaline-racing, bone-rattling heavy music, is blasting YEARS OF FIRE into a new level of metal. With their forthcoming full-length release, YOF will storm the world with an innovative take on classic metal elements- fusing solid riffs, steady rhythms, and just enough melody to ease the pain before being thrust into merciless siege of searing riffs.

Meanwhile, the fight to keep the beast alive took its toll on the contingent, causing the lineup to shift over time. As YEARS OF FIRE is finally solidifying and moving forward fast, today's lineup is a force to be reckoned with.

Complementing Hager's fierce rhythmic shred is lead guitarist Matt Brewer (formely of Integrity). Brewer's years of playing and touring show through in his skill level, this along with his personallity made it quick and easy for the rest of guys to take notice and welcome him into the family.

Bassist Ben Hollowell [formerly of Ringworm, Victory Records] holds it down with a sturdy, reinforcing approach, both musically and in the business aspects of the band. "Ben's work ethic is matched by no one. He's always going out of his way to promote and network."

Bolstering the band is drummer Eric Matthews (ex Spudmonsters/Pro-Pain). His skill, personality, years of experience and drive has made him a very welcome member to the Years Of Fire family. "Eric doesn't just hold it all together, his playing is just as "up front" with the guitars and vocals."

At the front of the sound is vocalist Kris Heming, who was added to the line-up in early 2008 at the recommendation of a former member. Projecting sheer power in his beastly growl, Heming undoubtedly augments the vicious intensity of the band.

In their first time the studio since their 2005 self-titled EP, the mechanics have changed but it's still the same monster. Produced by Cole Martinez, the band's original lead guitarist, the new material shows YEARS OF FIRE at their best. "Everyone shares the same goals and are all 100% on the same page on where we want the band to go musically as well as the business aspect," says Hager. "We all share extremely similar musical influences which helps them better get inside each others head while writing." And they know what they're after. It doesn't take long before any listener knows that YEARS OF FIRE stand their ground; with a solid identity and a storming sound to call their own. The band's endurance, strength and ability to sustain a musical infrastructure despite inevitable challenge suggest a creative coherency and longevity in a come-and-go industry.
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