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Electronica / Alternative
Yasmin Gate, former member of the band “Dirty princess” (Gigolo Artist), ventures onto the dance floors on her own, releasing her first track “No Fear” on David Carreta’s label “Space Factory”. Her soloist project consists of a refreshing, yet classic sound; dark beats with hypnotic voices that make you move. In her upcoming debut album she counts with the collaborations of T Raumschmiere, Ikki, Equitant, Douglas McCarthy, keith ruggiero , Migue Garcia, Petra Flur, Pillage and many other musicians to generated an eclectic and unique sound. The Gate has opened; prepare yourself because you will not be able to stop dancing !! Yasmin Gate's live show is an innovative audiovisual experience for the club scene. Not only does she illuminate the stage with her vocals and charismatic presence, she truly glows while she plays her custom, never seen before instrument, the Dsumi (DS Unconventional MIDI Instrument). Her eclectic music accompanied by live visuals 3D generators and performance make her show a one of its kind.
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