Xzibit - Hey Now (Mean Muggin) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 25, 2009
Xzibit's official music video for 'Hey Now (Mean Muggin)'. Click to listen to Xzibit on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/XzibitSpotify?IQid=XzibitHN

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I'm a menace, to society baby
the police want to relocate me
they run up with gun up, but they can't faze me
they wanted to come up, but they ain't crazy got
I ride one in the chain with gun on top
Six train Chevrolet rolln' without no top
got them hydraulics is dumpin and make it drop
California to Virginia, Timmy makin it hot
takin long rides in a G4 plane
X-Man to the stage got em goin insane
Yeah nigga got the world sayin my name
I'm bout to make a little change, I'm a keep it the same
X to the Z baby, run up on ya, hittin corners
Phantom platinum grill
X be the life of the party,
don't be scared girl, reach out and touch somebody

Can you feel the speakers jumpin
other cats surroundin' but they won't say nothin
Muggin in the club like they wanna do somethin
feelin kinda rowdy, huh?
Hey Now, Hey Now
All the girls mean muggin
cuz they musta seen what a girl pulled up in
In the club like they wanna do somthin
feelin kinda rowdy, huh?
Hey Now, Hey Now
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