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Grand Hustle

Few would disagree that southern rap is dominating the music industry. T.I. is the King of the South, his royal court is Grand Hustle and his reigning supreme over hip hop music. Enter his two queens who are prepared to put the entire industry into a trance: Meet Xtaci.

Not since the days of Salt-N-Pepa have music fans been tag teamed by two beautiful, lyrically savvy emcees. In their 10 years of surviving the grim reality of Decatur, Georgia, where drugs, prostitution and violence are everyday occurrences, these best friends have relied on two things to make it their music and each other. Sunshine and Bola have the ability to deliver street narratives that speak to all urban dwellers. Their unique perspectives are refreshing in the male-dominated industry. The fact that they are sexy is secondary. Xtaci is here to rep all females who grind to survive.

Music has always been an outlet for Sunshine and Bola to cope with life in Decatur. They began writing songs in middle school, entering talent shows and contests. After creating a buzz in their neighborhood, they decided to package their music and start promoting themselves. Thus, Xtaci was born. In high school, on the southside, the duo began performing at local shows and passing their singles to different music industry executives, talent reps and DJs. They attended concerts and passed out CDs to audience members. On one such night, the twosome had a chance encounter with T.I., who was one of the performers for the evening. Little did they know one conversation would change their lives.

After witnessing T.I.s explosive performance, they finagled their way into the backstage crowd as he exited the venue. They caught up with him right before he sped off. We went up to him and said, Were female rappers, take a listen to our cd, recalls Bola. They gave him a copy of their single, Throwin Em Thangs. T.I. immediately put it in his car stereo and listened to it. The girls began to worry because it was the first song they ever recorded. Two days later, they got a call to come to the office for an impromptu showcase. At fifteen years old, Xtaci received their first recording contract with Grand Hustle.

Its been a long time coming, but now, Xtaci's highly anticipated album, "X & the City" , is hittin the streets. Their first single, "Take Me To The Mall", is a blazin track. The song, Old School, pays a heartfelt tribute to female rappers like Salt-N-Pepa, JJ Fad, Da Brat, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim. Listen to This is an emotional letter from Sunshine to her sister and from Bola to all women facing hardships such as single motherhood, abuse and everyday survival.

Never has the rap world seen two women encompass the harsh realities of the streets with such feminine prowess and their crunked out attitude and sex appeal make these lyrical wordsmiths the hottest girls to come out of the ATL in quite some time. The music industry is about to get a real dose of Xtaci.


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