The Cheeky Girls

London, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Pop / Club / Techno
The Cheeky Girls new album titled 'In My Mind----is a different world [A cheeky one]' Is out now!!! on digital download such as I-Tunes Make sure you check it out won't you?
The new album is a mix of fun pop/club dance, it includes the new single 'Farmyard Hokey' featuring our niece Lorena and a very cheeky version of 'I'm Too Sexy'. Lorena is currently at the art school learning singing and piano. The "Farmyard Hokey" single is also out now on Digital download.
Some of you may have heard about our new film called "Killing The Cheeky Girls"!
It will bring a new dimension to reality shows and films as it gradually evolves into a James Bond-style adventure, showing human reactions in a series of extreme 'real life' situations as the party travel by coach across Europe to a show in Greece.
The new video for 'I'm Too Sexy' was filmed during the making of the reality show and is very edgy and you'll definitely love it…… we do!

Check out theses videos of The Cheeky Girls and their Cosmetic Range!!The Cheeky Girls and their niece Lory

Promotional video for The Cheeky Girls Beauty Range

Check out The Cheeky Girls singing "Happy Birthday" !
The Cheeky Girls Singing "Happy Birthday"

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