Zagreb, Cr
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rap / R&B
Sipa music/Workshopclass.
Kaj 'ma! I've joined Hiphop when Hammer came out and with all radio stations and magazines playd him, Vanilla ice, Snap and C&C I was introduced to the groups like N.W.A., P.E., 2live crew, BDP, Ice-T ect. So in elementary school I was the only guy who listend rap, n in 8th grade, during the war, this dude came to my class n liked rap so we talked a lil' somesomin' 'bout BDK, Rakim and this other dude from D class had YO!MTVraps t-shirt. My first rap group was N.I.B. In high school I met Psycho DJ Samurai and we formed the Scratch Brothers n started tapin our muzik. There was lotta other kids who listened rap guedering on the head square, n at one party at this pool club we formed Young Lordz cos' we heard that one dude ripped the club, and Wumah (who was the best rapper then), by doin' I think MacFu impressination. YLz were dope! They started playing our songs on Rapattack, Radio101, we had our first show at Radio1 club, and there I won the first croatian freestyle show act by rappin' on our mother language not english. We put our "Wake up!" demo out and then we broke up, I wasnt with going on tv. I started doin solo joints fuckin around with boys from daBasemental n I met Mad Woo Skillah from Chordbustas, who also broke up, when we was goin' to see Naughty in Ljubljana. We formed Tram11, got our chance to rap on Blackout project Impossible. Hrvatski velikani was our single off of it n we made a video apperance, daaamn! Then Menart, not the man, Menart picked us up and the rest is history. I like bball, food, black flicks and black music dough! Myspace Layouts - Myspace Editor - Hot Comments - Image Hosting kontakt:

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