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Stringkiller Records

I'm Lxx, or more commonly known as Loz or Lozzy. I sing, play guitar and compose since.well time began. Over the years I have worked with countless musicians on a wide range of different projects. Some successful, others less so, but all have been fun and I would like to thank my many 'music' friends for the opportunities that have presented themselves over the years.

My current projects include.

Walking Naked Mary, where me and my mate Kevo, the 'Paranoid Android' decided to 'go it alone' and compose, arrange and play everything ourselves. Although Kevo says I'm the mad mastermind of W.N.M., I think it was more of a joint idea. It's great fun and we like the results, we hope you do too.www.myspace.com/walkingnakedmary

Blistered, who are currently writing new material to record for a new CD this year. We are still rehearsing for the gigs we have planned throughout the year. Check out the Blistered web site for more details. We will no doubt be playing some summer festivals again in and around Germany. A big thanx to everyone who turned up at this summers festivals. We were awesome ;-) but so were you.www.myspace.com/theblistered

Feel free to listen and download the songs here, at the Walking Naked Mary, and Blistered web sites.

Post comments, add as a friend or read the blog. But most of all enjoy.

Walking Naked Mary


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I thought you all might like to have a look at this vid.

TV is probably one of the UK's best ever singer songwriters and it has been a privalage for us to know him and tour with him. Special thanx to Jamie, the creator of this masterpiece for allowing me to imbeded it on to my site.


"Clone Town" Music Video

Have a go at this

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