[FULL ALBUM] Airiel - Winks and Kisses (2004) - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 13, 2013
One of my all time favorite compilations, released on December 14th, 2004 on the label Clairecords (FERN 057), Winks and Kisses is a compilation of Airiel's four EPs in the Winks and Kisses series; Frosted, Dizzy, Melted, and Crackled, all released from 2003-2004. All rights belong to the band and Clairecords, I am simply uploading to bring attention to this record, and if there is any problem with it being on here, I will remove it immediately.

***Winks and Kisses: Frosted (2003)***
Liquid Paper 0:00
Kiss Me Slowly 3:58
Rainflower 9:59
Halo 13:10

***Winks and Kisses: Dizzy (2003)***
Stratosphere 23:54
Ri 29:44
This is Why I Can't Sleep at Night 33:23
500 Deep 39:59

***Winks and Kisses: Melted (2004)***
Jeanette 49:50
Sharron Apple 54:08
Firefly 1:00:23
In Your Room 1:06:47

***Winks and Kisses: Crackled (2004)***
Airtight Angels 1:16:11
Swimming Through Us 1:20:54
Where it Belongs 1:25:58
Shirley Temple Tidal Wave 1:34:14


*I am aware that the mirrored image isn't mirrored. That was just a tad bit of carelessness on my part*
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