Wien, Ös
Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass / Jungle / Happy Hardcore
Buccaneer Records
Fecta Dementia(das ist der Mischkonsum) WickedSquad feat BurstupWickedsquad | Myspace Music Videos

Duke and Spaceant are performing since 2001 as WICKEDSQUAD. Tracks are a mix of Jungle, Dancehall and Tekno. We produced with Jamalski, Daddy Freddy, Lady Saw, DJ Collage, Raggatwins, Mistah Bomsh, Klarbautermann, Dr. Ringding, General Levi, UK Appachi.2005 we started our own lable Buccaneer Records together with Emix from Chemotaxis , check www.wicked.at . Discography:
- Boomin - Wicked Body Movers Vol.2 Spaceantmix XXX Rec 99
- Dubblestandart-StreetsOfDub:Return of Planet Egalica Wickedsquad Rmx02
-Wicked Vinyl 01 - Domo Kun Bogle 2002
-EKH Bleibt Sowieso - Gimme Ganja - feat. Aladin- 2005
-Wicked Vinyl 02 - feat. Klarbautermann /Buccaneer Rec02
-Wicked Vinyl 03 - feat. Dipsy & Lady Saw /Buccaneer Rec03
-DramFank 01- feat WickedSquads Heroin&Kokain -März07
-Wicked Vinyl 04 - feat. Raggatwins /Buccaneer Rec04-Juni07
-Wicked Vinyl 05 - feat. Demolition Man /Buccaneer Rec05 -Mai08
-Wicked Vinyl 06 - feat. Gen.Levi/Buccaneer Rec06 - Mar09
Since '95 Spaceant is also promoting his monthly Jungle Club WICKED at Flex,
and his HappyHardcoreJungleTek party BASSTART, check www.myspace.com/wickedbasstart for more tracks and info

-------------------------------------------------------------------Fecta Dementia(das ist der Mischkonsum) WickedSquad feat BurstupWickedsquad | Myspace Video
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