Wheatus - Lullaby (New Song) – Live in San Francisco - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 05, 2017
Wheatus - Lullaby (New Song) – San Francisco, Live, 2-4-17, The Independent, 1st row. Brendan B. Brown: Matthew is forcing me to do a song I barely know how to play… A brand new one from our 7th studio album. It’s not really recorded yet. But I’ll do my best. It’s about opiate addiction amongst the baby boomers. (After the end) Well I’m glad that’s over… now my friends can come to the stage and I can feel more secure. lol

Other Tidbits:

Wheatus also performed this song the night before for the Late Show (9pm) in Santa Cruz. For the Early Show (6pm) there were more lights on, which led to a humorous exchange:

Brendan: Were there more lights on last time?
Gabrielle: Oh Wow..
Brendan: I actually played it better in the dark than I thought I would… lol

The Crepe Place later turned on the extra lights. :P

The SF fans sang 'Happy Birthday' to Matthew Milligan after being told that last night was his birthday. The band joked in Santa Cruz that everybody forgot to get him something, and even at In-N-Out, everyone forgot to pay for his meal, lol. After they said that, M. Doughty's drummer Pete Wilhoit bought him a beer and a bouquet of roses (which just happened to be sold at The Crepe Place) and gave it to him on stage. :P

Brendan B Brown, Gabrielle Sterbenz and Matthew Milligan are both opening for Mike Doughty and playing in Mike Doughty’s band for this Winter 2017 Tour.

Brendan: It has been a while since we've had the pleasure of being in your city... It has been what, 11 years?
Matthew: No, not that long... 2007?
Brendan: 2007-sh? 10-ish years? lol

1. Lullaby (New Song)
2. London Sun
3. Pretty Girl
4. Marigold Girl
5. A Little Respect (Erasure Cover)
6. Valentine
7. Teenage Dirtbag

Mike Doughty
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