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History is a race between education and catastrophe.

And the history of Weltbrand showed to be no exception to the rule. Even if the band emerged in the middle of a scene based on recycled ideas and ideologies no one lived up to, the band always went their own way. Sometimes a glorious train wreck, at other times a totalitarian regime in all its glory.

Founded in 2002 by RSDX, the band was quick to record their first mini cd called Radiance of a Thousand Suns which was released on Cleansweep Productions in a limited edition of 250 copies. This release already showed the potential of Weltbrand, since it spread very quickly despite the fact no promotion was made for this mini album. Several live performances followed and Weltbrand caught the attention of New Era Productions who were most interested in releasing Radiance of a Thousand Suns on a professional level. The band entered the studio again to record some extra songs for the album to make it a decent full length cd and in 2004 Radiance of a Thousand Suns- The Apocalyptic Triumph saw the light of day and featured 8 tracks of modern Black Metal combined with old Thrash riffs and Industrial samples and interludes. Right after the release more live performances followed and in 2006 the second album was released by Sadolust Records in 2006 called the Cloud of retaliation. The band returned to the frontline with a more brutal and straightforward album, against all expectations. More Live performances followed and Weltbrand did supports for several well known bands. In 2007 a split ep with German comrades Suicide Solution was released via Obscure Abhorrence Productions which showed a more different style of music of Weltbrand with more focus on tempo and variety. After this release, it got a little more silent around the band because of line up instabilities and other musical entities that took some time and focus. After this period of rest, the band returned on the stage and did some international gigs and small touring with several bands. In 2009, Weltbrand returned to the studio at long last to record their new album Control Division to be released by German label World Terror Committee early 2010. The band is once again back at the frontline delivering the soundtrack for the Terror Machine that cannot be stopped.

If history is a race between education and catastrophe. We spin the wheel once more.
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