Bucharest, Ro
Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass / Breakcore
He's been started flirting with electronic music since he was 3 years old, when his father "taught" him the secrets of the electronic sounds and the beginning of this genre. He started with Jean Michel Jarre… after a few years the quality of electronic sounds evolved and the interest became bigger and bigger.
His first favourite band was The Prodigy. He started producing music in 1996, because he wanted to make what Prodigy were doing that time … but he thought better and he didn't like the idea very much and started to make triphop, hip hop, dubstep, breaks and after a while in the year 1998 he started producing drum and bass and breakcore. His first digital free release was in 2005 at Sociopath Recordings with an EP named "MaDnBrain".
He was accepted in Darke*st Crew in 2006. A new life was brought to him through this crew and he started playing at the "Darke*st presents"parties. He played with famous names of the drum and bass scene like: Current Value, Noisia, Black sun empire, to name just a few.… At the moment he is developing a project with his soul brotha C9H13NO3 whom he's been playing along with since 2007. The project name is FreqAx and you can check it here:
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