The Elements Song by Tom Lehrer - updated version by Kylan deGhetaldi - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 29, 2013
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Yes I'm a huge dork but I love this song. Since 16 new elements have been discovered since Tom Lehrer wrote this, I though it could use an update. It's not perfect but I'm tired of playing it and it was hard enough to get this in one take anyway. Enjoy!

There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium,
And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium,
And nickel, neodymium, neptunium, germanium,
And iron, americium, ruthenium, uranium,
Europium, zirconium, lutetium, vanadium,
And lanthanum and osmium and astatine and radium,
And gold and protactinium and indium and gallium,
And iodine and thorium and thulium and thallium.

There's yttrium, ytterbium, actinium, rubidium,
and boron, gadolinium, niobium, iridium,
and strontium and silicon and silver and samarium,
and bismuth, bromine, lithium, beryllium, and barium.

There's holmium and helium and hafnium and erbium,
and phosphorus and francium and fluorine and terbium,
and manganese and mercury, molybdenum, magnesium,
dysprosium and scandium and cerium and cesium.
and lead, praseodymium, and platinum, plutonium,
palladium, promethium, potassium, polonium,
and tantalum, technetium, titanium, tellurium,
and cadmium and calcium and chromium and curium.

There's sulfur, californium, and fermium, berkelium,
and also mendelevium, einsteinium, nobelium,
and argon, krypton, neon, radon, xenon, zinc, and rhodium,
and chlorine, carbon, cobalt, copper, tungsten, tin, and sodium.

Now since Tom Lehrer wrote this song way back in 1959,
we have discovered several new elements with which to rhyme
and I hope with his permission that I humbly become the first
to put these extra elements to another necessary verse.
It's difficult because they chose such stupid, long and silly names,
how typical of scientists who play their nomenclature games
and the names keep changing, how deranging, life is so ephemeral...
these scientists are the models of a modern major general!

There's hassium, lawrencium, darmstadtium and dubnium, meitnerium, copernicium, ununpentium, flerovium, rontgenium, rutherfordium, ununseptium, seaborgium, ununoctrium, ununtrium, livermorium and bohrium.

These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard,
there may be many others, but they haven't been discovered.
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