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Alabama, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Americana / Southern Rock / Country


With 6 CD’s to his credit, 5 top 20 songs in Europe from 2008 to 2010, a number 1 song in Belgium in 2009, a music video in Australia, and more loyal fans than you can shake a stick at, Wayne Mills has built a solid foundation and is gaining momentum every day.

Wayne Mills, who hails from the rural town of Arab, Alabama, was raised on values of a working man. His father, Jack Mills, instilled many honorable qualities and traits during Wayne’s upbringing. One of those lessons being that “Anything worth Having Is worth Working For.”

Wayne has worked hard. He was a two sport athlete in college, playing baseball at Wallace State Junior College and football at The University of Alabama. The discipline and determination he learned from his father and sports, has carried over into his music career. Wayne has toured non-stop, year ‘round, since he graduated college and made a life for himself and his family. He has done most of the booking and promotion for his band from his home and has done an incredible job keeping the wheels turning on his career.

Standing 6’4”, Wayne towers the stage. The second he walks out he’s got everyone’s attention and he befriends each and every person in the audience. He has the absolute best rapport with his fans. Wayne comments, “The folks that come to my show are hard working people spending they’re hard earned money and I want them to get their money’s worth. They have expectations and I want to deliver. I consider them family and they deserve my best performance. I’m very grateful to have them come see me and I don’t want to let them down.”

In 2007, Wayne signed with World Records Nashville and released his 5th CD, “Under The Influence of Outlaws and Mama.” Two weeks after the release of his first single, “That’s What Dancer’s Do,” to country radio, the label folded. Without a second of delay, Wayne worked through the diversity and pushed the record independently.

Wayne states, “Morris ‘Bubba’ Thurman, the labels president, became a close friend and let me keep the record. Most labels would have just shelved the project. I am forever grateful to Bubba for letting me go forward with the album.”

“Under the Influence of Outlaws and Mama” went on to prove itself internationally. In 2008 WMB had 4 singles go top 20 on the European Country Music Association charts. In 2009, “Alabama Blues,” was released in Belgium and became Wayne’s first number 1 song, while charting in Denmark and Germany as well. All 5 songs reached top 10 in two or more countries with one single making the top 40 overall in Europe.

With the release of his sixth CD, “The Last Honky Tonk,” Wayne is more excited and more driven than ever before. Wayne states, “I have never had so many people get behind me and believe in what I’m doing. It’s so refreshing to have a great team that works just as hard, if not harder, than I do to get my music out there.”

Wayne’s latest record, “The Last Honky Tonk,” is receiving rave reviews and it is sure to be a catapult in Wayne’s music career. Jason “Rowdy” Cope, Jamey Johnson’s guitar player, flew Wayne to Hollywood, CA to record and produce “The Last Honky Tonk.” “The record that we left California with is as true to me as anything I’ve ever released,” says Wayne. “It blends my country roots with the experience of the real world I’ve come to know.”

The sound … Start with Waylon, throw in some Charlie Daniels and Lynyrd Skynyrd, add a dash of Johnny Cash and mix it all up. That’s “The Last Honky Tonk,” and that’s Wayne Mills in a nutshell.

If you get a chance to see Wayne Mills Band perform, do not miss it.

For our Beloved Military Men and Women:

Wayne Mills Band has built more than just a fan base. WMB has achieved respect from all branches of our military. At the onset of the war Wayne began sending CD’s to American troops and has since sent over 5000 that he calls the Iraq Compilation. "God Bless our country's soldiers."
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