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Black Metal / Metal / Rock
Norma Evangelium Diaboli
From the vaults below the desert temple to the throne among the stars.

"Watain from Sweden to me are like Hellhammer reborn, and I mean that in a

totally positive manner. Watain approach their music with a certain level of respect,

and a certain level of mystique. What they are doing is not just a performance; it goes much deeper than that. That reminds me so much of the good sides of Hellhammer."

- Tom G Warrior, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer (UB Magazine Australia 2007)

Watain was formed in 1998 and have since then released four fullength albums; "Rabid Death's Curse" in 2000, "Casus Luciferi" in 2003, "Sworn to the Dark" in 2006 and the latest monument entitled "Lawless Darkness", in June 2010.

The band has embarked on several tours across the world, together with bands such as Dissection, Angelcorpse and Celtic Frost. This together with their extensive list of exclusive gigs and festival-appearances has resulted in Watain becoming globally infamous and highly acclaimed for their blood-drenched, fiery performances, being ceremonies of radiant madness and the blackest metal fanaticism in honor of Satan.

After the release of "Sworn to the Dark" in early 2007, Watain went out on their giant Fuck the World Tour reaching through Europe, North America, South America and Mexico. The last 111th date was held as a commemoration of the bands 10 year anniversary, in Uppsala, Sweden.

On June 7th 2010, after four years of forging and wielding in the underworld, the longawaited fourth fullength album "LAWLESS DARKNESS" was finally unleashed.

Watain performs Black Metal in it's original form; dangerous, passionate, sinister and magical. Drenched in blood, swept in mystery, shunning no sacrifice. You have been warned.

Through raging fire, trough Death and hail

Clinging to the Dragons tail

And as the world behind me burns

I ride it's wings, on paths of no return.

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