wait. think. fast.

LOS ANGELES, California, US
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Emotronic / Hyphy / Tango
Origami Records
Rare indeed is a band that so comfortably executes West Coast traditions, be it the SoCal country of “Trouble,” the working-class guitar vamp of “Covina,” the Latin lament of “Jornaleras” or the orchestral, Hollywood-ready grandeur of “Bad Night. Think of it as the musical equivalent of Los Angeles sprawl -- without the headaches.

—L.A. Times - 3 out of 4 stars

.their bilingual tunes range from the summery hopes of “Si Es Por Amor” to the piano-centered elegy “Hidden,” cleanly wrapped in pop hooks and harmonies.

—Pasadena Weekly

.Wait.Think.Fast. play pretty, catchy pop tinged with a subtle, dark spirit.

— Flavorpill

Wait Think Fast is one of the current standouts in a burgeoning scene of ethnically and musically diverse Los Angeles-based bands. the quartet adds distinct flavor to its atmospheric, post-punk sound by using both Spanish and English for its bilingual lyrics.

Haunting, tightly crafted, with thoughtful lyrics easily transcends any language barrier.


When Echo Park’s Wait. Think. Fast. climbed aboard and took the reins, explosions rocketed backwards through the crowd and Jacqueline Santillan pined and longed and grasped desperately upward, her voice riding ghostly waves. The band spins a glittering tempestuous type of pop, owing much to the glowing doom of post-punk, but constantly overriding any possibility of stale ennui with lusty detonations and bounding, unstoppable rhythms.

—L.A. Record (live review)

.Echo Park quartet Wait. Think. Fast. more than make up for their punctuational demands with generous melody and attentive songcraft. The songs are solid without being rigid, and pretty without being cloying. My fave is the breezy, LA-atmospheric "Cien Fuegos," on which vocalist/keyboardist Santillan floats seductive Spanish over a Beach Boys/Radiohead/Elliott Smith vibe. .

— LA Weekly

Vuelve al Mar” (Origami) – How do you say “dreamy” in Spanish? This intoxicating bit of shimmering shadow-pop serves its metaphysical themes well. A couple spins of this disc, produced by Matthew Beighley (the band’s guitarist-bassist), and you won’t even notice that it’s bilungual and you’re not.

— buzzbands.la

An indie darkland of whirlpooled, noise-spiked atmospherics cut through by the lipcurled and smoke-hewn sensuousness of Jacqueline Santillan’s bilingual vocals and the sinewy crunch of wiry, Wire-y guitar lines, Wait.Think.Fast.’s Vuelve al Mar is nearly as complete a vision as any EP is allowed to be—in its thirty minutes the record swirls from the lean sinew of chiming postpunk (“Clear Our Name”) to ambient trickles of silvery, synthy beauty (“Cien Fuegos”), with each track in between bearing the band’s uniquely noirish stamp of gently apocalyptic (figure that one out) beauty.

— webinfront

Mazzy Star melancholy and mechanics on much of this, but you can feel a lot of other favorites that might be here, too: Johnny Marr and Neko Case and maybe Debbie Harry? Listener-scholars who knew how tiny parts have to align with big parts. Pinpoint production by Matthew Beighley and Jacqueline Santillan, picks out undiscovered nooks and knuckles for every listen. People love those uncommon songs that get you feeling happy and sad both for the same four minutes; here waits a set you haven't heard yet.

—L.A. Record (review of Vuelve Al Mar EP)

hauntingly passionate vocals, reminiscent of Patti Smith.the band managed to play an amazingly beautiful and powerful series of electro-pop/rock songs.

Performer Magazine

.a female fronted Echo and The Bunnymen and The Smiths with an ethnic twist. Santillan's vocals hover like clouds above the firmly rooted post punk influenced guitars.

Amateur Chemist

Wait Think Fast undoubtedly performed the best set of music they have ever done and if you have not heard their new, lusher than lush sound, your life would be incomplete without it.

L.A. Underground

.listening to Wait Think Fast is like having dreams forced on your brain.

Classical Geek Theater

.Wait Think Fast's new songs are beautiful.

L.A. Underground, Feb 2008

"Atmospheric, ethereal, and jazzy, Wait Think Fast is an outstanding debut EP. "

- www.cdreviews.com

“Wait Think Fast are a multi-ethnic Los Angeles band that put a Latin spin on an early '80s post-punk sound. often sounds like PJ Harvey sitting in with Interpol.”

- NPR All Songs Considered

"The music is creative, sharp, balanced and made of the same material as the heart"

- SK/AR Media

"Wait Think Fast: Ex-Central City Transmission’s keyboardist introduces the new cool."

- Razorcake
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