Los Gatos, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Death Metal / Black Metal / Metal
Vörnagar is a melodic death metal band that originated from Los Gatos, California. They were formed in late 2003 by guitarist Greg Larrenaga(17yrsold), bassist Erik Durante(18yrsold) and drummer Geoff Frey(18ysrold) under the name Arcanum. They soon recruited the help of guitarist Jay Rodriguez(17yrsold) and began playing gigs locally. In early 2004 Geoff was replaced by drummer Carl Pitlick(17yrsold), in addition Vito Viarello(17yrsold) on vocals. Vörnagar produced/distributed a demo in 2004, which quickly made a name for themselves in the underground scene in the Bay Area. Only to be short lived, Vito quit the band in late 2004. While almost disbanding Carl stepped down from drums, becoming the new vocalist. Friend and past-band mate of Greg, Marco Pitruzzella(18yrsold) was added for drum duty. With a completed lineup they had continued to play lots of local shows. In early 2005 Eric moved to Oregon for school, Vörnagar quickly added Matt Rosenberg(15 yrsold) to take over bass duties. In May of 2005 Vörnagar recorded THE BLEEDING HOLOCAUST album. Quickly gaining notoriety in the scene once again it was short lived. Carl moved to Alaska, Greg moved to northern Oregon, Marco moved to southern Oregon, Matt finished high school, and Jay stayed in the Bay Area. As time went on Greg and Marco tried to keep Vörnagar active, gaining new members only to become very difficult writing music. Both Greg and Marco lived 12 hours away from each other-they continued to slowly write new material via the Internet. Hiatus. Currently in early January 2010 Vörnagar recorded at The Panda Studios "TERMINUS EST" - which they are preparing to record an EP very soon! ENJOY

!!!!!DOWNLOAD THE BLEEDING HOLOCAUST (2005) ALBUM FOR FREE!!!!! 1. The Charge of the Dark God 04:202. Hyperion 03:553. When the Mist Hath Fallen 05:334. The Desolation Called Niflheim 04:395. The Gunslinger 03:556. The Sin of Remembrence 04:537. Ballad for a Dying Race 06:568. The Bleeding Holocaust 04:429. Defiling the Sepulcher of Christ 03:47Total playing time 42:41----->RAPIDSHARE<-----( http://rapidshare.com/files/92418666/Vornagar-_The_Bleeding_holocaust__2005__by_Mella99.zip ) orCopy and paste for MEDIAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/?m2knndo4mmtBoth sites are free and are of the same thing.enjoy the music! MORE COMMING SOON
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