Volcano The Bear

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Experimental / Regional Mexican / Progressive
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OUR FACEBOOK PAGE IS http://www.facebook.com/pages/Volcano-The-Bear/200513619324?ref=ts

A selected discography:

Yak Folks Y'Are EP (Pickled Egg 1999)

The Inhazer Decline CD (United Dairies 2000)

The One Burned Ma CD (Misra 2000)

Five Hundred Boy Piano CD (United Dairies 2001)

Guess The Birds EP (Beta-Lactam Ring 2002)

The Idea Of Wood CD/LP (Textile 2003)

All The Paint I Can Breathe EP (Beta-Lactam Ring 2004)

The Mountains Among Us LP (Beta-Lactam Ring 2004)

Shake Your Crow/Tunnels & Wheels 7" (Gold Soundz 2004)

Catonapotato CD (Broken Face/Digitalis 2005)

Classic Erasmus Fusion CD/LP (Beta-Lactam Ring 2006)

Egg And Two Books CD (Vivo 2006)

Birth Of Streissand 7" (No-Fi 2006)

Volfurten LP (Volucan 2006)

Massive Furniture Invasion 8" (Alt Vinyl 2006)

Amidst The Noise And Twigs CD (Beta-Lactam Ring 2007)

11 Years Of Yes - 1 track cd (Twisted Knister 2007)

That People Don't Know They Are Monsters 7" (Quasi Pop 2009)

The Shy Volcanic Society At The Bear And Bird Parade - split with La STPO (Beta-Lactam Ring 2009)

Volrudolf / Grande Pfungst (Volfurten 2010)

Volcano The Bear have some of the above items for sale, though some are very scarce and some are completely unavailable. Email us at volcanothebear@hotmail.com

If you are interested in booking Volcano The Bear in europe, please contact Christoph Linder at christoph@planetrock-booking.de. For all other bookings please contact us.

See our related projects below, being Amolvacy, Daniel Padden, Dragon Or Emperor, and The One Ensemble.

Speg it Darn

VOLCANO THE BEAR 05.12.07 GRRRND ZERO LYONenvoyé par GrrrndZero

volcano the bear - pauze festival, gent, belgium - 30.11.07

an interview from pompidou, 07
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