Faintest Idea - The Voice of Treason (Official Trailer) TNSrecords - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 23, 2012
Faintest Idea Album Trailer, Part 1. New Album 'the Voice of Treason' to be released summer 2012 on TNSrecords!
We're sleeping on a volcano, No one gives it a second thought
We're raised inside a cage where no one questions what their taught
With no one asking questions we slumber undisturbed
While the temperature keeps rising we stay unconscious, unconcerned
Inch by inch, bit by bit as the ground begins the split
The closed fist of control shall begin to lose its grip
The majority will keep fighting for their right to stay asleep
But the only fight we involve ourselves, is in the fight for peace
We're the only ones that can shape our own fate
We need neither god nor master, class nor race
We'll rejoice and dance together as the walls begin to fall
For a revolution without dancing is not a revolution at all
We'll learn their institutions are worthless, their authority is fake
The only power they've got is the power we let them take
So we'll let the violent winds of this revolution blow
For beneath all this rubble we'll make a garden grow
Through the walls of our prisons the green begins to shoot
Justice and Equality bury deep their roots
One root to start the garden, one light to rid the dark
One voice to raise the call, one match to give the spark
The factories of production where once we were chained
Come grinding to a halt as liberty now reigns
That's why even the greatest empires built on tyranny and fear
Can fall from the smallest whisper or the...
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