Opeth - Voice of Treason (Audio) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 24, 2014
Opeth's official audio stream for 'Voice of Treason' from the album, Pale Communion - available now on Roadrunner Records. Download it at http://smarturl.it/palecommunion

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The mist is sleeping on the water
And winter is hiding in my heart
Thorns in my eyes are slowing me down
I can't pass through to the other side
She knows I'm the one who sought her
But when we fall, we'll fall so hard
She holds a secret and won't show me how
How to break the riddle in her eyes

This is treason of the mind and soul
Death is no reason why you would go

Inside the ghost of love is laughing
It mocks the footsteps where I go
It tells me nothing has been lost
It whispers: "you've seen darkness before"
In time the hurting will subside
And longing is overthrown
What's left is a void that grows inside
And the echo of a failure

This is treason of the mind and soul
Death is no reason why you would go

Have you ever had the feeling of a sorrow inside?
Have you ever been the reason why a hope subsides?
Have you ever seen the aftermath of giving up?

Have we given up?
Is it over?
Have you given up?
Is winter hiding in your heart?
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