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VLAS VEGAS is a 100 % DIY non-profit organisation (a VZW) that exists since 1997. No one is paid, we all do this on a volunteerly basis. It started in a very tiny, yet legendary place (a bar actually) called 't Geniep (currently Bar Oskar) on the Vlasmarkt in Kortrijk (aka K-Town), Belgium. Vlas Vegas is all about supporting (local and non-local) underground music culture. Today VLAS VEGAS involves a recordlabel, a recordstore (GTO Distro) and promoting quality underground/independent music by putting up shows, festivals and showcases.


1. SINXEN VLAS VEGAS Festival : a 3 day totally FREE music festival in the City-centre of Kortrijk in may.

2. FARMFEST (rip) : This fest was presented by the band HITCH : A two-day underground music festival situated at the Molokofarm in Aalbeke (Rock City) close to Kortrijk. We've invited bands like Lemko Hall (Swe), Lunar (Cro), Vandal X, Soon, Portables, Wixel, Hitch, Tokyo Sex Destruction (Esp), The Bugs (Us), Amenra, The Sedan Vault, Ignatz, Officer Jones AHPCP, DJ Ayco Duyster, WCCC, Lawrence Wasser (F), Bronze, Ansatz der Maschine, Ultra Dolphins (US), Interlude (ESP), Part Chimp (UK), Sightings (US), Sole (US), Cutting Pink With Knives (UK), Cheveu (F), and many many more!

3. We put up SHOWS : We've worked with band such as Zu (IT), The Trans Megetti (US), Tarwater (GER), Swearing at Motorists (US), Sunshine (CZ), Zeni Geva (JAP), Tristeza (US), The Vanishing (US/GER), Lewis & Clarke (US), Karate (US), 31 Knots (US), Lvmen (CZ), Valina (AU), Don't mess with Texas (CRO), Part Chimp (UK), Metroschifter (US), Charlottefield (UK), Kling Klang (UK), The Paper Chase (US), Eats Tapes (US), dDamage (F), Digital Leather (US), OM (USA), Sightings (US), Sole (US), Cutting Pink With Knives (UK), Cheveu (F), Sic Alps (US), Young Widows (US), Experimental Dental School (US), Transformer (UK), Pneu (F), Fordamage (f), Moha!( (Nor), Holloys (usa), Sylvester Anfang (b), Finally Punk (usa), The Intelligence (usa), Monotonix (I), Action beat (uk), US Christmas (US), Saviours (US), Lucky Dragons (usa), Electric Electric (F), Jazzsteppa (UK), DJ Marcelle, Lazer Crystal (usa), Aa (usa), Tweak Bird (usa), Sickboy (b), K-THE-I??? (usa), Drums are for Parades (b), Haymarket Riot (usa), Lords (usa), The Skull Defects (swe), Mike Ladd (usa), Disrupt ft. Soom T (Ger/Irl), Psychic Paramount (usa), Tanlines (usa), Trans Am (usa), Double Dagger (usa), We are Wolves (can), Rise and Fall (b), Madensuyu (b),. etc.


Yes, we also run our own label ! Check the labelsite here!

* VVR001 : There is no VVR001

* VVR002 : GALATASARAY - Boxing camp for blues oriented snack heads CD/2LP - Noisy postrockish tunes combined with a 5 piece monophonic hornsection.

VVR003 : HITCH - We are electric! CD/LP - Fourth full length album, co-release with our Croatian friends from Moonlee Records.

* VVR004 : HITCH - tour 7" - 337 copies made, featuring two unreleased songs, incl. a Depeche Mode coversong, 4 different handmade lay outs !

VVR005 : HAWAI - Keep the wild nudes ahead CD/ Limited 12" LP - 2nd full length album. LP comes with silkcreened poster and artwork + CD.

* VVR006 : ANSATZ DER MASCHINE - The Postman is a girl CD - debut full length album. Intelligent electronics.

VVR007 : VANDAL X - Instant Dislike CD - Already a classic in our books. A two man army indeed.

* VVR008 : AMENRA/HITCH split 7". Exclusive songs by both bands! Limited to 666 copies, thick vynil and amazing artwork by Kluzehellion.

* VVR009 : GUERNICA - Who Are Your Songs For? debut CD EP

* VVR010 : BLACK HEART REBELLION - Monologue (CD). Produced by Vince T (Amenra, Rise and Fall etc). Think Envy, Amanda Woodward.

* VVR011 : VANDAL X - All lined up against the wall (CD). Their most brutal and dirty work ever. Think Todd, Part Chimp, etc. . but harder!

* VVR012 : NOMAD - Cats and Babies (CD). Breathtaking melodies, witty and intelligent lyrics. Think WHY?, Daniel Johnston.

* VVR013 : HITCH - Clair.Obscur (Limited edition LP/CD). Recorded by Hein Devos. Mixed by John Congleton. Mastered by Alan Douches at WWSM. Limited vinyl release of 300 copies! Best thing they ever caught on tape! A classic to be .

*VVR014 : ANSATZ DER MASCHINE - Painting Bad Weather on her Body (CD). Beautifull indietronix. Darker than their debut. A live sensation.

*VVR015 : de PORTABLES - John Terra (CD/ limited edition LP). New full length album. Probably their best so far !

*VVR016 : THE GO HARDS - debut 7" - 77's punk anno 2009 for the kids, by the kids! Limited to 300 copies. Recorded live on tape by Clark C at The Strip (rip)

*VVR017 : V/A - limited 5 way split (10" - 300 copies) - featuring 5 Belgian noise acts : All Shadows and Deliverance, Kindvriendelijk, Unholy Analog Noisemachine, Anus Nocturnum and True Deep. Artwork by Alexander Binder.

*VVR018 : SPEED DIAL 7 - Short Rich Apocalypse (LP). Solo album of Tom Degeeter (Zucchini Drive / Cavemen Speak) featuring guest appearances by Mike Ladd & Infesticons, M. Sayyid (Anti Pop Consortium), Passage, Nomad, Bluebird, K-The-I???, Elissa P, Pip Skid, etc - out oct 15th 2010. 500 made.


Feel free to send us your demo's, WE'll contact YOU, if we like what we hear. SAME GOES FOR BOOKINGS ! Please understand that Vlas Vegas is something we do in our spare time, so we don't have the time nor the personnel to answer all inquiries, questions and emails !!

VLAS VEGAS Records is distributed by BANG! DISTRIBUTION in the Benelux. Get in touch with jasper(at) thisisbang.com for wholesaleprices, interviews or promo's for your magazine, webzine, etc.

If you want Vlas Vegas releases in your store or distro, please get in touch with Stevie : vlasvegasconcerts (at) gmail dot com

BOOKINGS of VLAS VEGAS bands : Check our general contact info here!

III. GTO DISTRO is our recordstore / distro.

The shop is OPEN ON saturdays (from 15-18H00) and is located on the Vlasmarkt nr. 5 (next to Bar Oskar) in the centre of Kortrijk/Belgium. You can also find us at shows.

Regular updates, and shitloads of vinyl you can't find anywhere !! We're damn cheap. Indie, punkrock, hardcore, noise, avant garde, electronics, surf, ska, exotica, etc. We do prefer quality instead of quantity. Check our full stock thru www.vlasvegas.be.

For ORDERS : get in touch with Stevie: vlasvegasrecords (at) gmail.com. ATTENTION ! If u order stuff through mail, don't forget to mention your full NAME, which RELEASE you want and your full ADDRESS. After we received the money on our account, we'll be glad to send u your package. We accept paypal. That's how it works. And please BE PATIENT, we're getting a shitload of emails everyday. Thanks a lot !

IV. THE STRIP (RIP 2008-2009) : This was our own music venue where we used to organise shows and events on a regular basis. Good times we will never forget.

THE STRIP (rip) , Vlasmarkt 9-11, 8500 Kortrijk (Belgium).

Thank you. Oh yeah, leave us a comment and tell us how much you love us. We know you do.

Who's who within Vlas Vegas vzw + CONTACTINFO : check HERE!
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