Belgrade, Serbia, YU
Artist / Band / Musician
Ambient / Hardcore / Pop
Rapanelli Records
Virvel was founded in 2000, in Belgrade, Serbia. Its members are: Tijana Drobac: bass, vocal, Zoran Stojicic: guitar and noise, Vlada Ocokoljic: drums, percussions, Dejan Drobac: guitar, emulator. Band members gained experience through years of work in several renowned Belgrade's bands before they have reached the top of their creativity under the name of Virvel. So far, the group has held countless successful concerts, and has recorded two albums.

Virvel is a unique appearance in the region of ex-Yugoslavia. Not being afraid to search through the sound and through their own emotions, the members of the band create an authentic sensibility which they all instinctively reached the moment they got together. Experimentation with almost every musical genre makes the concert of Virvel an exceptional experience. The sound of this band, usually described by critics as postrock, actually represents the creation of atmosphere of other possibilities by using the basic rock tools. Believing in the alternative reality, members of the band principally avoid the media. They release their albums in their own record label, choosing by themselves the people to collaborate with and the way to do it.

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